If you need to record a video of your computer screen, then go to :


At this site you can record a part of, or the full screen of your computer, making it extremely useful when needing to demonstrate or explain something on the internet, or software, or make a how to video.  I used it to demonstrate an Ultranet Learning Space in an earlier blog post.


This is another fantastic online environment that allows students to publish oral information as a movie including characters, different camera points of view, movement of characters, gestures, etc.

The students can manage all the action easily by clicking and moving objects.  They include text for the characters dialogue.  It is a sophisticated program that can be used in a simple or elaborate context.

It is another excellent context for identity publishing and sharing.


The URL is :


Voki is a free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile, and in email messages.

It is great for education because you can use it to record information about anything.  You can personalise the avatar that you create and allow it to speak through your writing(text), uploaded audio and even through your phone.


I have included a widget to demonstrate.  The link follows:

My Identity Wiki

We have a wiki for the grade 5 and 6 classes for term 3 relating to their unit of work on identity.

wiki (Listeni /ˈwɪki/ WIK-ee) is a website that allows the creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages.

Through our wiki students and teachers can upload pages of information with text, images, links, widgets, etc, thus collaborating with others to produce a large repository of information about a particular topic, in this case identity.  Users are able to sign in and edit pages that others have created, either updating, adding and changing information already available.

Identity Wiki

The wiki address is:


Podomatic is an online podcasting tool to record audio and pictures. It may prove very useful when conducting interviews during term 2 for your integrated unit about identity.

This is the site:

As with all online tools it is easy to create, publish and share this information with other people.  The site creates code for you to copy as a widget into a blog, wiki or website.  There is a really quick, repeat really quick podcast further down the page, published as a widget.


As part of our cybersafety program at Balwyn Primary School, the grades 5 & 6’s have been looking at a site called Digizen.  We have watched a movie about cyberbullying and discussed what can happen to the people involved.

As part of this site students are invited to learn more about cybersafety and create their own Digizen characters.  I have included one on the blog and students can create their own.


Deforest Action Web Event

Grades 5 and 6’s are going to participate in a live global web event this Thursday called Deforest Action.

The Deforest Action site and initiatives were designed by students to help create meaningful change around the world.  The site address is:

DeForest Action

You can learn more about deforestation, climate change and making a difference by visiting this site and participating in a meaningful way.  You can sponsor forests so that they remain forests.  You can pledge to reduce palm oil consumption.  You can do and join all sorts of actions.  You can accumulate points for yourself and your school by participating.