As part of our cybersafety program at Balwyn Primary School, the grades 5 & 6’s have been looking at a site called Digizen.  We have watched a movie about cyberbullying and discussed what can happen to the people involved.

As part of this site students are invited to learn more about cybersafety and create their own Digizen characters.  I have included one on the blog and students can create their own.


Deforest Action Web Event

Grades 5 and 6’s are going to participate in a live global web event this Thursday called Deforest Action.

The Deforest Action site and initiatives were designed by students to help create meaningful change around the world.  The site address is:

DeForest Action

You can learn more about deforestation, climate change and making a difference by visiting this site and participating in a meaningful way.  You can sponsor forests so that they remain forests.  You can pledge to reduce palm oil consumption.  You can do and join all sorts of actions.  You can accumulate points for yourself and your school by participating.